This revolutionary new book by plus size empowerment expert Stephanie Rainbow Bell,  is based on the author’s rock-solid beliefs that you will find peace and joy when you can ACCEPT-YOURSELF-AS-YOU-ARE, right this very minute!  The inspiring and motivational book provides you with a toolkit full of new perspectives, new ideas, and new compassionate power practices to transform your shame and self-blame into power, pride and purpose! Then, you can make the choices and take the actions to create a life that brings you joy, peace, prosperity, love, success and anything else that your heart desires.



This is NOT another diet-weightloss-fitness book!  NO!! NOT AT ALL!!!

Stephanie’s mission (and mandate) is to completely eliminate shame, blame, guilt and self-loathing around women’s size, shape and weight and you will learn how to begin that process in BEAUTIFUL AT ANY SIZE, The Plus Size Woman’s Guide to Nurturing Confidence & Self-Esteem!

And the support does not stop with this book. Stephanie has also created THE PLUS SIZE INNER PEACE NETWORK Community for women of size to come together in a safe, comfortable, loving and ACCEPTING environment to learn exactly how to release old, destructive patterns of self-hate and condemnation and create new empowering beliefs and actions!

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