“Look at the fat lady, Mommy!”

If you are a plus size woman (or man for that matter), you have no doubt walked down the streets or through a mall and felt the glaring stares, or seen the disgusted looks on some faces as you pass by.  Maybe even an innocent child has shouted out “Look at the fat lady, Mommy!”


Sometimes you shrug it off and act like it never happened, but sometimes, you notice that there’s a bit of water in your eye as a sad tear makes it way down your face, the result of the sadness in your heart, yet ANOTHER time.

BEAUTIFUL AT ANY SIZE, The Plus Size Woman’s Guide to Nurturing Confidence & Self-Esteem was written for you!  For every woman that has ever had to navigate her way through the narrowest of aisles in a crowded restaurant, or had to figure out how to get through a turnstyle, or who has to ask for a seatbelt extension on an airplane, this book is for you!

Are you really going to eat THAT?

This book is also a perfect choice if you ever have a war with food and mealtimes.  If you can’t even eat celery and carrots without feeling guilty and/or ashamed, than the content of this book will soothe you and provide you with new perspectives to regain a sense of peace and even joy around eating!

NO mirrors please!

It’s also for you if you’ve become expert at seeing yourself only from the neck up when you look in the mirror, if you are terrified of going swimsuit shopping, or if you simply refuse to go to any pool parties or water activities because you won’t even be seen in a bathing suit AT ALL under ANY circumstances!